Portfolio - New Glam Photos Up!

So glad I agreed to a photoshoot by Ronnie from JRshotz! Decided that it's high time to update my portfolio pictures since the last proper photoshoot I did was in Nov 2009, with Nicholas, a long time dear friend of mine.

These are some of my favourite photos!

There is this saying: "世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人”,"there's no ugly woman, only lazy woman". I totally agree with it with both my hands and legs up.

Without any makeup and stuff, I am not the naturally pretty (in society's terms) type, although I think I look presentable. But with the help of makeup, hairdo and outfit, I can be literally transformed. And I would say this goes for the majority of the women out there too, since only a small percentage of people in this world are born with really good looks.

Anyway, it's kinda weird looking at myself in photos like these. They're me, but not really me too. I love to doll up and look pretty when I have the opportunity to, but inside, I am actually kinda simple and conservative in certain aspects of values. I had been wanting to blog about "3 (or 5) myths of Shannon", but have been pushing it down the to-do list, and this would definitely make it to the top 3!

In any case, I love these photos =)

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