Before and After Pictures of Japan's Quake/Tsunami

I only had time today to read up on the news about Japan's earthquake which happened on friday, 11.03.11. So while googling, I found these clear before and after pictures of Japan's quake/tsunami, from Australia's ABC news. You can also check their comprehensive coverage if you would like to keep track of Japan's quake and tsunami. Of course, there are the youtube videos and other national papers reporting on the quake as well.

It's really devastating to see casualties, be it due to natural disaster or man-made calamities. Within 3 months of 2011 alone, there are already 2 major quakes - Christchurch and Japan.

What we can do now, as fellow human beings safe in our own comfort zones, are really not that limited.

If you have the skills and expertise, you can give direct assistance by joining in the relief effort teams at the front-lines.

Otherwise, you can support by donating to established organisations (you never know, there are people who 趁火打劫 and try to make a fortune by faking donation appeals). Here is one avenue which I donated to: Groupon - all proceeds will be given to Singapore Red Cross Society.

If your finances are really limited and you are unable to donate, you can volunteer your time to pack some relief bags (don't think there are any organisations coordinating such events as of now, but I believe there will be when the aftermath settles and the survivors start to rebuild their lives), physically join in some fund-raising event to show your support, or even just say a word of prayer.

Every little thing counts.

Most of all, I've always believed in this: treasure your loved ones around you and show them how much you care. For all you know, they or you might be gone in the next minute.

Do not live with regrets, for the things you wished you had not done, and for the things you wished you had done.

God be with Japan.