Debut Demo - Original Song

Where would I be without you?

I wouldn't have been this strong and independent.
I wouldn't have opened my eyes and heart to the less fortunate and been humbled.
I wouldn't have served the underprivileged children/youths and realized how fortunate I am.
I wouldn't have been blessed and to be able to be a blessing to others.
I wouldn't have been loved and in turn overflow with love.
I wouldn't have a teachable spirit and reflected and learnt with an open heart and mind.
I wouldn't have been taught many good values in life so I can be a better person.
I wouldn't have the courage and abilities to pursue my dream of becoming a performer.
I wouldn't have fulfilled my dream of recording a song and I know in due time, an album.

I wouldn't be who I am today without You.

You who picked me up when I was down.
You who gave me strength when I was weak.
You who comforted me when my tears couldn't stop.
You who provided so I never lacked.
You who taught me how to believe, how to hope, how to love.
You who loved me for who I am, with all my strengths, weaknesses, sillyness, quirks, character flaws.
You who always accepted and welcomed me back with open arms despite my disobedience.
You who brought me this far in my career, in my relationships, in my life.
You who gave all of yourself, your dignity, your blood, so I have everything and have eternal life.
You who are more than I can ever fathom and imagine.
You who are my all in all.
You who are my God, my Saviour, my Lord, my beloved and precious Jesus and Heavenly Father.


Written and Sung by Shannon Zann (苏仪珍)
Piano by Gaylin Tan

给你我的生命 是最棒的决定
从死去到复活 从软弱到坚强

有了你的带领 认识你的旨意
从骄傲到谦虚 从自大到感激

若不是你 从来不曾想过放开我的手

我才会在这里 拥有你给的一切美丽
(因你我在这里 能够分享我所有经历)

颂赞你的美好 是我一生梦想
从空虚到充实 从贫穷到富有

有你给我的爱 是我最大能耐
从悲伤到欢喜 从孤独到温馨


View/listen demo on Youtube or click below.

《如果没有你》 will be part of a woman's ministry compilation album produced by Oops Asia Singapore, where all the songs will be originals written and sung by women, and is scheduled to be released around mid 2012.

This is the first time I wrote a complete song, and the first time I stepped into a recording studio to record a full song. I was really excited to be able to express myself in words and melody, to put it into permanence onto a mp3 track, to share God's goodness with others, and ultimately to fulfill and embark on my dream of singing for God.

I was also quite nervous while doing the recording cause there were so many things to take note - facing the mic while glimpsing at the lyrics from the corner of my eyes, taking deep enough breaths but not to breathe too heavily, trying to sing with emotions while remembering all of those things.

I would say I definitely want to change certain ways I sung certain parts of the song, in terms of variations, emotions, techniques, and perhaps even edit the lyrics. But as this is a demo recording, we didn't re-record every single thing that was not up to my satisfaction. Plus somehow I didn't hear the playback thoroughly, thus the vocals are not recorded to perfection, so please pardon the flat note and what nots.

From the writing of the song to it being accepted to recording the demo, and to proper recording and post production in future, all these would not have been possible without God's anointing and grace upon me. It was my childhood dream to be a singer, but it was unimaginable to be able to fulfill it. I don't pack a powerful voice and flawless techniques at this point, but what I have, I give back unto our Lord. In my weakness, God's strength is made perfect, so I pray that in spite of my imperfections, you will be touched and be ministered to by my debut demo.