What A Difference It Can Make..

I kinda dig my latest image which I just changed about a month ago. Less wild, more business and finally more property-agent-like. And most delightfully, younger looking too! I was inspired after wearing short hair wigs for some shows..

Double for Xuan Xuan (who is one of my all time favourite
hongkong actress!)
Assembly School Show.
Supposed to be a grandmother, and according to my friends
on facebook, a chio granny!
It did take me quite a looooooong time before I decided to take the plunge to chop off my locks. Afterall, it took me years to grow my hair to waist length!

March 2011.
Ahh, found one which shows my entire crowning glory. Not the longest I had, but somewhat there. I'm missing my natural curls already..

Hah, what a sharp "kali-pok"!
Love the hair! Or rather, the curly and lustrous wig

Anyway, I bought a group deal voucher for a cut and treatment at a salon in Nex. V-haytique or something like that, and it was quite bad. My already dry and damaged hair became more rough and frizzy! Did I spend money to make my hair worse?

Not immediately after the bad haircut (and lousy treatment),
and you probably can't tell from this picture (cause that day
I put lots of lotion to keep it tame, which is why I let it down,
otherwise I usually tied it up cause it was a lion's mane) but
my hair never recovered. =(
Enough of the lion(ness)' mane! I was totally fed up with my unruly hair, and after thinking for months, it was time to take the leap of faith.

Immediately after the cut and rebonding @ Ashley's Salon.
Tel 68353769. Soho @ central #05-12

No more unmanageable locks, no more wild chick look (Seriously, I am not the havoc kind. More about that in another entry. Hmm, when I have time and motivation to blog bah..). And welcome Ms Businesswoman! Not that my calling is to be one, but that's besides the point.

I got to know that I also had the honor, at one of my buddy's wedding, to receive the "hottest sister" award by one of the groom's brother. I definitely thank my new hairstyle for that! Mind you, there were 11 very beautiful sisters in total, and well, also that's the opinion of just 1 of 11 brothers too lah. :)

By the way, I must say the hair looks great even when I forget to comb =P

And here's wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope the angpows you collect will be more than the angpows you give out (praying hard for myself!)!