Appearing in New Ch 8 Show - Dec 2012!

Woohoo! Got a meatier role directly from Mediacorp and will be appearing in the first 4 episodes, totaling about 10 scenes, of a Channel 8 blockbuster drama in december this year. After part timing with them for 1 year + and did a few shows with mainly a few liners in 1 or 2 scenes, I now finally have a character name as compared to "waitress", "factory worker" and the likes, and I have the full scripts of the 4 episodes printed out for me too! (otherwise they just scan the pages with my few pathetic lines and email me)

Envelope with the scripts. Blurred out the show's title as it's not been released yet.
The whole series has 6 different stories being depicted, and the first story will span over 4 episodes. Even though my character is an aunty with an 8 yr old son, which I'm like "oh no, I can't look young and pretty!" , there's quite a few 内心戏 (emotional scenes), which I definitely want to be able to do it well and touch the audiences.

This first story will start the ball rolling for the blockbuster, although my character is of course not the protagonist nor any major supporting role in the series, but she is not just a 'calefare' too and is instrumental in this first story. So I sure hope to be able to contribute to the success!

I was told that they have been looking to fill this role for some time but found no suitable actress. Then one of the casting director recommended me, and showed the executive producer the footage of my performance in 'In Cold Blood' (which was filmed by an external production company - Filmat), and thank God she liked it! Thus I was cast.

I only watched my episode in 'In Cold Blood' briefly as I still haven't gotten used to seeing myself on screen and always cringe when I do. Looks like I have to start examining my performance inside to see what was good and what can be improved on.

Filming starts soon! Pray for smooth schedules, filming on set, harmonious relationships amongst everyone and most importantly, that I will portray my character excellently to the director's expectations and more!