First times.. By Your Side (Hillsong) ; Closer (Bethel)

My first ever home made video of me singing and playing the guitar! It's tough doing both at the same time, I had to retake many times cause there would either be problems with the playing or the singing. Plus I realised after the first recording, that I had a very strong frown between my brows whenever I start singing, so in between singing and strumming, I would try to lift up my brows (like literally) and smile, if I remember about it. =P

Did "By Your Side" by Hillsong, cause this was what I learnt at Believer Music this week. Am into my 15th guitar lesson with them (the 1st lesson of Advance Dynamics Worship I module), and thankfully I picked up guitar before, around 8 or 9 years ago, but stopped after about half a year, so I'm able to catch on quite easily now. This shall be like my progress chart on my guitar skills!

So here it is! In my fave key as it's the only 1 of 2 keys I know how to play currently!

"By Your Side" by Hillsong / Key of G

And then I did another video, cause I really really love this song, "Closer" by Bethel Church. Heard Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger leading the song during the church's worship (on youtube) and I was just brought into God's holy presence.

My version doesn't do the song justice for sure, but well, I've learnt that God doesn't use the smartest, most skillful person to do His work, instead He uses the foolish and the weak to bring Him glory, because "His strength is made perfect in our weakness". He doesn't appear only when the most beautiful voice sings the most melodious song, when the most formidable musician plays the most intricate riffs. Instead He appears when someone seeks Him, cries for Him, comes before Him just as they are, vulnerable and broken.

In any case, I just hope and pray that both the songs will bless all of you!

"Closer" by Bethel Church / Key of G (capo 4)