3rd Happy Call Dish - Bacon and Eggs!

Trying out the new blogger app (which I'm typing with right now on my iphone5) and also to share my 3rd happy call dish - bacon and scrambled eggs!

The app I used to make the collage is called instacollage, quite a good app I must say! Many different kind of split frames apart from the usual vertical and horizontal ones, plus a wide selection of borders and icons you can add on too. Thinking if I wanna upgrade to the pro.. Hmm..


Pros of blogger app:

- Convenient to blog on the go using smart phone

Cons of the blogger app:

- Can't insert photos in between paragraphs, all of them only appear at the end

- Unable to add caption for photos

Alright, just a short post here and yay to perhaps renewing my motivation to blog more often!

Bacon and Scrambled Eggs, cooked using happy call pan!

InstaCollage (free app)