Shannon sings at weddings occasionally and is moving towards writing her own songs. The first wave of her original single has been released in Dec 2014 and is dedicated to God, her precious Heavenly Father!

2014 has been a miraculous singing year for Shannon, where she was invited to schools and churches to sing and share her stories. Those range from singing Singaporean songs (新谣) to Christian and original songs, and sharing of learning the Chinese language to her life testimonies.

Shannon is also the voice behind Ministry of Manpower's Work Right Campaign, a mini musical that follows the tune of Jipaban. Hear it below!

Ministry of Manpower Work Right Campaign (Singing Voice for Ah Ma)

Singing Kit Chan's Home @ Beatty Secondary School


Singing Streams of Praise‘ "Prayer"


Singing Cai Lilian + Chen Hanwei's @ Beatty Secondary School       蔡礼莲+陈汉伟《关怀方式》

Singing Streams of Praise' "A Little Dream"


Versatile Emcee

"I love your voice!", "I love the way you talk!"

That's what a fair number of members of the public have told Shannon during her 4 years as an emcee.Shannon enjoys interacting with the audience like her personal friend, plus being effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, she is highly sought after..

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Natural Actress

You might have seen Shannon on Mediacorp's channel 8, channel 5 and Okto. She started off as an actress in late 2009, and she has performed in musicals, full-length stage plays, short films, corporate videos, and school assembly skits.