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Emcee, Actress, Voice Artiste

Shannon the emcee

Shannon the emcee

Shannon the actress

Shannon the actress

Versatile Emcee

"I love your voice!", "I love the way you talk!"

That's what a fair number of members of the public have told Shannon as an emcee since 2010. Shannon enjoys interacting with the audience like her personal friend, plus being effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, she is highly sought after..

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Natural Actress

You might have seen Shannon on Mediacorp's channel 8, channel 5 and Okto. She started off as an actress in late 2009, and she has performed in musicals, full-length stage plays, short films, corporate videos, and school assembly skits.


shannon the voice artiste

shannon the voice artiste

Animated Voice Artiste

Shannon sings at weddings occasionally and is moving towards writing her own songs. Her original single has been released in Dec 2014 and is dedicated to God, her precious Heavenly Father!

These few years have been a miraculous singing year for Shannon, where she was invited to schools and churches to sing and share her stories.


About Shannon

Shannon is blessed with big eyes which enables her to play a range of characters, from the doe-eyed innocent girl to the evil one with a piercing stare.

She also has a Pan-Asian look and often surprises people that she can speak perfect Chinese!

Not the typical sweetie-pie, Shannon is comfortable being rugged, is gung-ho and enjoys the outdoors. Nevertheless, she also relishes time spent alone at home or simply chilling out with good friends.

Shannon has a Class 3 driver's license, sings, tinkers on the keyboard, strums the guitar, was a core member of her JC's table tennis team, picked up archery, air pistol, air rifle, horse riding and taekwondo.

One of her current life's motto is to "love God, love people, love life"!

Shannon is always on the lookout for more opportunities in acting, hosting, voice overs and singing.


Shannon's Story

Shannon loved watching musicals since she was a teenager and often fantasized herself as one of the performers acting, singing and dancing on stage. However, she didn't think she had the skills (and guts) to do that, and it seemed that this fantasy would remain as just that - a fantasy.

Until Aug 09, after a few opportunities in performing over the years and almost a year of praying, Shannon decided (crazily – as many told her) to give up her full-time job as a social worker to pursue her dream of being a performer. God is really good, and in a few short months, she had been cast in various lead and supporting roles in short films, corporate videos, school assembly shows, print and video advertisement, musical and stage plays.

A year later, in 2010, Shannon stumbled into hosting and with numerous great reviews, she has never looked back since.

Shannon also loves to sing and had been invited by friends to sing at their weddings as well as churches’ outreach events, where she is exceedingly privileged to share her life stories and sing her own composition.

Her experiences are barely at the tip of the iceberg and it has been an amazing journey thus far, one she never thought it possible to even embark on! She wants to encourage everyone to hold on to his or her dream and pursue it, no matter how impossible it may seem!

Shannon is very thankful to all the directors, casting directors, producers, crew members, co-actors, event companies, clients, co-emcees and everyone she has worked with, for engaging her services again and again. She is also very grateful to her family and friends for being supportive and encouraging of her dream.

Last but not least, she has never failed to be amazed at God’s work in her life, His favour and blessings upon her, and His abundant provisions. Thank you, dear Jesus!

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:11