3 Easy Steps to Overcome Camera Shyness

Do you get super nervous in front of a camera?

Do your words get jammed when you’re trying to shoot a video?

Hey, it’s normal!


People ask me all the time,”how are you so confident on stage and on camera?”

Good news for you, I didn’t start like this, it’s really through years of experience and practice that I am where I am today. 

Back in 2009, taking selfies and videos were not commonplace compared to now, so it was something I had to deliberately learn too.


To make the process simple for you, I have 3 easy steps for you to start overcoming your camera shyness. Read on!

1. Shoot With A Friend


It is always more fun to do things with a friend, so why not shoot your first few videos with your friend?

I recommend just 1 friend, instead of a bunch of them, because I want you to have airtime. If you’re really shy, your friends may just take over the whole shoot instead, and that defeats the purpose of you shooting with them.

2 of you is just nice. It’s cosy and you get enough airtime to practise speaking in front of the camera.

Do prep your friend first too so he/she will not try to cover for your silence but instead encourage you to speak more!


There can be 2 parts to this step.

A. You and your friend sit side by side facing the camera.

As you chat, you can alternate between looking at each other and at the camera. 

I know, it feels odd to not look at your friend when he/she is talking to you, but remember, your audience wants to look at your faces too! This is also an exercise for you to get used to seeing yourself on camera, so it’s important that you face the camera from time to time.


B. Have your friend sit just slightly behind the camera, while you remain in front of the camera.

You can skip this and go straight to Step 2 below if you feel confident enough!

This will help you to get used to facing the camera for the whole duration as both of you chat, while still having the comfort of your friend’s presence. 

To up the ante, try looking into the camera lens as much as possible, as you purely listen to your friend and have the conversation without having eye contact.


Recommended shooting time: 2-5 minutes each take.

2. Shoot With A Photo Of Your Friend


After you feel more comfortable shooting videos with your friend, it’s time to shoot by yourself =) . 

Yes you can do this!

To help ease the transition, try sticking a photo of your friend just beside your camera, and imagine that you’re just having a casual conversation again. Except that this time, you are the only one speaking.

Remember, the beauty of pre recorded videos are that you can always edit the parts you messed up, or start all over again if need be!


Recommended shooting time: 1-2 minutes each take.

3. Shoot By Yourself + Keep Practicing

How To Look Good On Camera For Beginners: 6 Tips To Shine!

And now for step 3! 

You should be comfortable looking at yourself in the camera (for phone’s selfie mode) or just looking into the camera lens (if using the phone’s back camera or a dedicated camera) now. 

Hence there’s no need to stick any photos, you can start shooting by yourself!

1 thing to note if you’re using your phone’s selfie mode – keep your eyes on the lens, not on the image of yourself. Otherwise, from the viewer’s point of view, your eyes are not on them at all, but looking somewhere else. 

Do test videos on 1. you look into the camera lens, and 2. you look at your own image, then playback and see the difference for yourself!


There you go! As with any new skill we acquire, just keep on practicing.

The more you shoot, the more comfortable you will feel, and the better you will be at it =)

Let me know if this has been helpful for you.


Cheering you on! =D


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Shannon Zann

Shannon Zann

Shannon found her love for teaching during covid period.

So apart from hosting, acting and recording voiceovers, she trains adults and students on smartphone videography and presentation.

She also loves seafood and durian!

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