How To Look Good On Camera For Beginners: 6 Tips To Shine!

How To look Good On Camera: 6 Tips To Shine

By Celeste Yap

It’s natural to want to look good. And as the face of your business, you’ll want to radiate positivity to potential followers and customers, and portray a polished image on camera. Follow our guide below, and you will! 



  1. Rest Well To Look Good On Camera!

  2. Memorise Your Material Well

  3. Dress For Success

  4. Let There Be Light

  5. After Hitting Record…

  6. You Now Look Great For Your Video Debut!


  1. Rest Well To Look Good On Camera!

You will naturally look good when you are well rested — your skin glows and your eyes sparkle. 

Think of a well watered plant vs one that’s not. The unwatered plant will have droopy leaves and saggy branches, that’s how you’ll look too when you don’t get enough sleep. 

Tips for a good night’s sleep 

  • Clear your mind, don’t even look at the material!

  • Avoid looking at any device 30min before bedtime. Studies show blue light emitted from the screens interrupt with sleep.

  • Drink some warm milk. This stimulates melatonin in the body, essential for a good night’s rest. If you are lactose intolerant, try almond milk, or chamomile and decaffeinated green tea. 


  1. Memorise Your Material Well

You don’t want to be caught screwing up your face trying to remember your points. 

There’s no need to prepare a long speech. Just memorise your points well.  You can always write them down and paste it beside the recording device. 

You can also consider a dry-run in front of the mirror, and watch out for facial quirks such as pouts and squints etc — then try to minimise them. 

Time yourself during dry-runs. Pace yourself, make sure you aren’t rushing through the material. 

Tip: Allocate some time before the actual recording for a final read-through, to refresh the points. 

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  1. Dress For Success

First impressions count! 

Treat every appearance in front of the camera like a business meeting. After all, you are the face of your business, and you certainly want to portray a professional image — with an outfit that’s well put together and ironed properly.

Wardrobe tips

  • Avoid small lines or dots, they create an effect called moiré on camera resulting in strange wavy lines. 

  • Choose colours that contrast with your background, otherwise you’ll blend in.This is the time to stand out!  

  • Avoid excessive jewellery or clothes that are too revealing. That goes for the boys too, button up all the way, man cleavage not recommended. 

Grooming tips

  • Hair should be neat and tidy. To tame flyaway hair, try this trick: Spray a wide brush with some hairspray, and run it through your hair.

  • A slick of lipstick brightens up the face 

  • Mascara opens up the eyes, and makes you look more alert

  • For men, either clean shaven or have your facial hair neatly trimmed

  • Nose hair — often neglected. Trim them, to avoid looking as if a spider is climbing up your nostrils. 

Bonus Tip! To brighten up your complexion, give yourself a quick facial massage.

Now that you look like a million bucks, you will want to think about upping your game, and try garnering a million hits for your TikTok and YouTube videos. Don’t forget to tag us so we can share in your success too! 

  1. Let There Be Light!

Find a good light source, to avoid harsh shadows, which can make you look tired and listless. 

No need to invest in expensive lighting equipment just yet. Film near a window to take advantage of the natural light. But avoid having the sun in your face to minimise glare. 

Optional: A ring light is an inexpensive investment that allows you to film even on a dreary rainy day.


  1. After Hitting Record…

Be energetic, and look directly into the cam — maintain “eye contact” with the audience. Just treat the whole experience as if speaking with a friend. 


Speak clearly and enunciate. You will also want to pace yourself.  

Body Language Tips

  • Stand or sit up straight, avoid slouching at all cost.

  • Pull your shoulders back,  it will make you look more confident. Also, an open stance says “Welcome!”

  • Avoid excessive gesturing. If you have this tendency, form a steeple by joining your fingertips together, and spreading your fingers slightly — doing this makes you look confident too. 

  • If you find yourself having stage fright, spread your legs a little — this will stabilise and ground you. 

  1. You Now Look Great For Your Video Debut!

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