6 Effective Ways To Increase Your Youtube Viewership

6 Efff fective Ways to Increase Your Youtube Viewership

By Grace Lim

1. Create An Attractive Custom Thumbnail

2. Multiply Your Views By Creating A Playlist

3. Build Relationships With Your Subscribers/Viewers
4. Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel
5. Increase The Amount Of Watch Time Your Viewers Can Clock
6. Transcribe Your Videos



YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, and there’s no wonder why. Video consumption trends has grown steadily year after year, and with 500 hours of videos uploaded every single minute, the hunger for fresh content will always be met. 


With such a large ready audience available at any time, it’s important to optimize your youtube content to capture as large an audience as it deserves. Here are 6 ways to increase your youtube viewership.


1. Create An Attractive Custom Thumbnail


When your viewers are “channel surfing” and skimming through search results to find the next big thing to watch, thumbnails will be one of the main deciding factor to get your foot in the door and earn that click. 

The properties of an effective thumbnail are:

  • A clear and accurate depiction of what the video is about (if your thumbnail is misleading people into clicking, YouTube will eventually know because your watch time will go down when viewers get annoyed and stop watching. This will hurt your ranking in search.)

  • The thumbnail stands out through the use of large font text and vibrant colours

  • The thumbnail works with the potentially catchy video title

‘Standing out’ can be as simple as picking bright colours for your font, or making sure your main subject is making a weird expression.

2. Multiply Your Views By Creating A Playlist

Organizing your videos into relevant video playlists on YouTube is the best way to keep a viewer on your channel after they’ve finished the current content. There will be chances where a viewer will move on to another channel once they’ve consumed your content, so give them some reasons to stay on and watch another of your videos on the playlist.

Playlists go by the same rules as Netflix: once a video ends, the next one begins.

You’ve already done the hard work to make your viewer find your video, click on it and watch the entire thing. Maximize that opportunity by guiding them towards the next video content on your channel.

3. Build Relationships With Your Subscribers/Viewers

Audience engagement is extremely vital if you are looking to build a loyal following. The end goal is actually just to get more YouTube views on your newest videos to help kick start each new upload you put up.

Engaged YouTube viewers will be more likely to care about your brand and be easier get them to subscribe to your channel and watch more of your videos.

Some ideas are

  • Replying to comments

  • Running a YouTube contest

  • Organizing give-aways

  • Include other people’s content in your videos (with their permission)

4. Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe To Your Channel

Subscriber counts correspond to your organic reach on YouTube. The more subscribers your channel has, the more views your videos will get right out of the gate when you hit publish. This is especially so if those subscribers have their notification bell turned on. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe. Every youtube has to start somewhere for this.

Growing your subscriber count is no easy task, with its own set of challenges and tactics.

5. Increase The Amount Of Watch Time Your Viewers Can Clock

Youtube counts anything over 30 seconds as a view, but there are benefits to getting viewers to stick around longer. If you can get people to watch your videos for longer periods, Youtube will understand that you’ve got quality content that boosts engagement. Such videos with higher Watch Time are favored by the Youtube algorithm and will give you a step up in the recommendation engine.

6. Transcribe Your Videos

Adding captions to your videos help viewers with hearing difficulties understand your video better, and makes your content more effective for viewers who watch mobile videos with the sound off. An example would be commuters who are trying to fill their time while on the bus or train, where having subtitle assistance allows them to watch and understand your video to the fullest despite missing out on bits and pieces of the audio.

A transcript also makes translation easy, opening your video up to international viewers. Go global by starting your journey on YouTube today.

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