Equipment to Shoot a YouTube Video for Beginners (Low to No Budget)

Equipment to Shoot a YouTube Video for Beginners (Low to No Budget)

By Kent Chan, Shannon Zann


1. Use Your Existing Mobile Smartphone

2. Use Free Sunlight

3. Use Your In-built Mobile Smartphone Microphone


So you want to make a YouTube video but have no equipment? No problem!
The following is an easy guide for beginners on equipment for beginner YouTuber, with low to no budget!

1. Use Your Existing Mobile Smartphone

You can shoot your own video as long as you own a smartphone or device.

If you don’t have access to a DSLR camera or a camcorder then using your existing smartphone is the easiest and cheapest way to get started.

A lot of modern smartphones now come with good built-in cameras e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc which are capable of shooting 1080p video (ideal for YouTube) and even 4k videos.

Hence even with the native recording function on your mobile, you will be able to create beautiful and engaging youtube videos even if you’re a beginner with no budget.

No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment as a beginner youtuber!

2. Use Free Sunlight

Natural lighting is the best way to shoot most videos because it looks far more natural than artificial lighting.

The best place to record a video is in front of a window on a bright clear day.

Just make sure your background is clean and tidy! Either push the mess out of the camera frame or hang a curtain or cloth behind you to hide them.

We know, we love cheap hacks 😉

3. Use Your In-built Mobile Smartphone Microphone

Again, the current smartphones have high-quality microphones that are sufficient for creating youtube videos.

If you have a small budget to play with, you can consider getting an external microphone to improve the audio quality.

Some common microphones that YouTubers use:

  • Lavalier microphones

Lavalier microphones are clipped to your clothing, or can be pasted and hidden on your body or clothing. It records good quality audio and removes most external noises because it is so close to your mouth.

Even if you were to turn your head, the microphone will still be able to pick up your voice pretty clearly.

This microphone is often recommended because you can buy one for a relatively low price, and is very portable. A downside to this however, is that it usually comes with a long 3 meters to 4 meters wire. Good if you’re sitting down to record, bad if you’re walking and moving while shooting.

  • Shotgun microphones

Advantages of using a shotgun mic is that they offer very clear audio quality. All you need to do is to use a hot-shoe mount to mount the shotgun microphone to your camera rig.

Unlike the lavalier microphone, since there is no wire, you are free to move as you like. However, once you turn your head away from the microphone, your voice will not be captured clearly on the microphone anymore.

So do make sure that when you are talking, you are facing the camera and microphone.

  • Wireless microphones

Wireless microphones for youtube creators are getting more abundant.

They are chosen because there is no wire that can be tripped over or snagged, and they can be clipped to your clothing so you can walk and move wherever you wish while still being able to record your voice.

The downside is that they are usually a bit bulkier, hence not as aesthetically pleasing, more obvious on video and could even be distracting for your viewers.

Plus, they cost a few times more than the lavalier microphones, and even the shotgun microphones.


So this is the list of equipment for beginner YouTuber, with low to no budget!

Don’t worry too much about equipment when you are just starting a youtube channel, truth is, the best camera is the camera with you, and it has all that you need to shoot a youtube video.

Once you are sure that you will create Youtube videos consistently, and you have extra cash to spare, or started making some money through your videos, then start buying better equipment.

Before you actually start shooting, read this to learn how to look good on camera!