Shannon - Natural Actress

Shannon is very blessed to have fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an actress!


She has always loved watching musicals and dreamt of singing, dancing and acting on stage, but never thought it possible.


In her first year of being in the entertainment industry, she landed an ensemble role in a Chinese musical with Kit Chan, titled “December Rains” 《雨季》. What an honour!


Shannon then started acting on screen, on both Mediacorp as well as corporate videos. Hence you might have found her familiar and seen her on Channel 8, Channel 5, and even other organisations’ videos!


Some of her acting projects include:

*《爱没有距离》– Channel 8

*《唐山到南洋》– Channel 8

*《警徽天职 2》– Channel 8

* Kin – Channel 5

* Tanglin – Channel 5

* Unbroken – Kelvin Sng Productions